Ready for some rumble! Pokken is Finally Here in Action on Wii U!

Gameplay Screenshots

Throw some high kicks into ur opponents' face while they're not looking!
Throw some high kicks into ur opponents’ face while they’re not looking!
Classic Pikachu Thunderbolt from the sky!
Classic Pikachu Thunderbolt from the sky!
Don't be shocked by these mysterious creature!
Don’t be shocked by these mysterious creature!

All the old-time classic Pokemons are back in action in the newest Pokken Tournament finally! No way our old favourites Charizard and Pikachu would be left out. A dream combination when Pokemon meets Tekken and the action goes non-stop, you know you’re in for some real shit there. The gameplay is similar to Bandai Namco’s Tekken series, with of course special feature of Pokemons coming into play. To classic Pokemon lovers like us, this game is certainly a must-try . All the Pokemons have many different moves and abilities to perform and you can choose to either specialise in one of your favourites ( Personally, Charizard needless to say) or switch around different characters to explore your preferences. Undoubtedly, this game easily enters the chart of most anticipated games of 2016 and best sellers 2016 on Amazon. If you’re interested in getting the game,  visit Pokken Tournament – Wii U
for more details!

pokken az
Pokken Tournament – Wii U

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament







Smooth Gameplay


Easy to play



  • Fantastic Gameplay Designs
  • Availability of many fancy moves
  • Fits very well on Wii U platform
  • Thrilling gameplay experience


  • Limited Pokemon Characters

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