Homefront: The Revolution – PlayStation 4

Homefront: The Revolution

Set in 2029, after four agonising years into the invasion of the United States by the Greater Korean Republic (GKR). After the Americans successfully claiming back the western states which also include Hawaii and Alaska , the GKR decided to shift their attention to the eastern states, with Philadelphia becoming their central base after successful capture . The civilians live in fear in the new heavily guarded and controlled Philadelphia ,as the Korean Army takes strict military controls in various districts of the city. A second rebellion led by Dana, the resistance leader, and youngest member of the resistance, Ethan “Birdy” Brady begins to unfold. The story will follow Ethan and the new resistance as they attempt to retake Philadelphia.


Philadelphia is divided into three districts. The Green Zone is the resource-rich area with the strongest KPA situated at the center of the city with supplies of drinkable water and a stable power supply, and their strong fortifications to make them heavily protected in this zone.

Next is the Yellow Zone, which is the segregated area where most of the population live. Security patrols and scanner drones are rampant in this zone, raising the difficulty levels for rebels to attempt anything. Poor resource supplies forced people into slum-like tent cities. 


Lastly, it is the Red Zone which is the leftover ruins of Philadelphia after multiple bombings took place also where the resistance is at its strongest. It is the Forbidden Zone, so if the KPA catches anyone wandering around, they will be shot to death without a reason to kill.


You think you have what it takes to bring back the peace and freedom that your homeland once had.. To change the destiny of your fellow people…  Avenge those who’ve lost their lives… Be sure not to miss out this game at Homefront: The Revolution – PlayStation 4 . But Freedom always has a price… Remember that…

Homefront : The Revolution PS4

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution







Smooth Gameplay


Easy to play



  • New Multiplayer Co-op mode is available
  • Solid Sound effects
  • Interesting storyline
  • Huge variety of multiplayer missions available
  • Depth in multipleplayer characters offers dynamic combinations


  • Only Pre-made Characters to choose from in a list

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