Far Cry Primal – PlayStation 4, XBox One , PC


It goes back to 10,000 BCE during the beginning of the Mesolithic  in the fictional Oros valley in Central Europe, where mammals of the primal times come alive. Resources are limited, tribes are unable to survive with the presence of one another, only the victorious one will emerge as the survivor of Mankind. Nature seems harmless, however beneath the peace that lies on the surface of this flora and fauna environment, deadly predators like cave lions, bears and dire wolves are hiding somewhere waiting for their golden opportunities to strike for food… And human beings are no exception to them..

Girl he met

The lone survivor of the Wenja tribe hunting party during an ambush attack by a sabretooth cat , Takkar, chanced upon and brought along a girl named Sayla, a woman also from the Wenja on his way to Oros. From her, he got to know that Ull, leader of the Udam tribe was hunting down the Wenja to cannibalize them for some unknown reason.

Takkar started bringing together all the Wenja he meets and established a new village together. After a successful attempt to deter an attack from Ull, Takkar then requested the help from 3 skilled Wenja member namely Jayma, an experienced huntress, Wogah, a single-armed craftsman, and Karoosh, a one-eyed warrior on his revenge quest against the Udam.  During which he also met the shaman Tensay, who helps him to learn the ability to tame the local animals. Also from him, Takkar discovered that the Udam are eating Wenja flesh to attain immunity from a deadly virus that has taken away many lives in the tribe.

tribes fight

In Oros , another advanced tribe known as Izila, makes some Wenja prisoners slaves to work for them. Takkar invades their territories to save them, and eventually led him face to face with their leader Batari. He then went on to kidnap Roshani, a commmander of the Izila tribe and bargains for means that Izila tribe possesses to grow crops in exchange for Roshani back.

tribal fight 2

After his village is self-sustainable and established, he was well-prepared for his revenge plans and went on to fight his way into their enemy territories to kill both leaders of Izila and Udam….

fight elephant

In a world of blood and sweat where human beings fight for only one reason, survival…. Who will be able to emerge victorious in this cruel place where selfish beings will stop at nothing to have an edge over the other… Be sure to check out this game at Far Cry Primal – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition .

farcry ps4
Farcry Primal PS4
farcry xbox one
Farcry Primal Xbox One
farcry pc
Farcry Primal PC

Farcry Primal

Farcry Primal







Smooth Gameplay


Easy to play



  • Ability to tame animals and able to use them strategically
  • Strategic usage of resources makes the game interesting
  • Interesting tasks of varying difficulty
  • Hooking opening of the game
  • Crafting personal weapons instead of typical buying from shops


  • Lack of guns since its in primal stage may appear as a con to some gamers
  • New pre-historic dialects used in game to make it look realistic, hence gamers must read subtitles during gameplay

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