Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


Following Dark Souls 2, the long awaited Dark Souls 3 has finally surfaced with much expanded character builder, greater maps for exploration and improved weapons. Players are now equipped with a huge array of weapons like explosives, deadly swords classic shortbows and shields to aid in battling enemies.


As fires dissipates and the world goes crashing down into darkness, get yourself ready for a universe filled with gigantic enemies and surroundings. In the epic atmosphere of darkness, only embers remain. Get ready mentally and physically to battle in this epic environment with an array of weapons and magic through this land riddled with mysteries and secrets. To survive the upcoming apocalypse, players will move across seemingly unbounded places in an interconnected world of endless challenges and thrilling RPG experiences as they strive to find the meagre possibility.


In such a world filled with menace and uncertainty, will you be able to survive it all and uncover the secrets that lie behind the darkness?

Release Date: 12 April 2016

Dark Souls III Day One Edition (Xbox One)
Dark Souls 3 PS4 Day one
Dark Souls III Day One Edition (PS4)









Be sure not to miss out on the game at Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 4 and XBox One and immerse into the sea of darkness to combat the evils and overcome the impossible.

Dark Souls III - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Dark Souls III - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One







Smooth Gameplay


Easy to play



  • Faster Gameplay Speed
  • More Complex and fanciful character designs
  • Large improvement in graphics from DS2
  • More strategical combat tactics against bosses
  • New skills system available


  • Perhaps game can be made more gory

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